Our Income Share Agreement (ISA) is an investment in students. Pay zero fees upfront till you are hired with a salary above the threshold amount.

Design Shift Academy believes potential is evenly distributed across society, opportunity is not. Our Income Share Agreement (ISA) allows us to provide an education that is usually very expensive for no upfront cost, without debt, loans, nor interest. Plus, as you make payments toward your ISA after graduation, you’re helping to fund the DesignShift experience for the next cohort of students.

How does our ISA work?

Your ISA is paused if your annual income drop below 5LPA

You pay towards your ISA only when your income is more than ₹5,00,000 per year (₹41,667 per month). If it drops below 5LPA, then your ISA will be paused.

Pay ₹0 until you’re hired

If you decide that Design Shift Academy is not for you, you can withdraw within the first unit with no penalties or obligations. If you decide to drop out in unit 2-5, following would be the liability

No payment towards the ISA, if you decide to No payment towards the ISA, if you decide to withdraw in Unit 1. You will be responsible for 100% of the ISA amount if you withdraw in Unit-4 or after.

Full-Time Program

Pay ₹0 until you’re hired

Part-Time Program

Pay ₹0 until you’re hired

You are required to report any changes in your income as per the ISA to Design Shift Academy

Your Monthly Salary Slip
Your Annual ITR (Income tax return)
Every time your income increases or decreases.